Payroll, Sales Tax, & Business Services

Outsourcing Plans for Payroll, Sales Tax & Business Services

Our LA CPA firm also offers business, sales tax, and payroll services that are outsourced. It is a productive technique to enhance your staff. Get an Outsourced Plan for your company by speaking with us.

Outsourced Payroll, Sales Tax & Business Services

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Outsourced Payroll, Sales Tax & Business Services

For a plan for your company’s outsourced payroll, sales tax, and business services, get in touch with the LA CPA Firm.

Technical Expertise

Our group has expertise in the following areas:


  • Processing, reporting, and filing tax returns related to payroll
  • Returns for sales and use taxes
  • Tax returns for personal property
  • Choosing, implementing and converting software
  • Training and development of client staff
  • Policies and procedures for accounting
  • Business management Review and analysis of insurance

Payroll, Sales and Use Tax, and Business Services

Through internal resources and strategic alliances, our team can offer a range of payroll processing and payroll tax solutions.

We offer advisory services, multi-state sales and use tax compliance, and commercial property tax return preparation. We also provide a tailored variety of outsourcing options for business management.

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